Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Life continues to throw up so many situations and questions for us all on pretty much an hourly basis that it’s no wonder people can get bogged down in the day to day transactional treats (heavy sarcasm) that we are continually faced with.

Although there is a massive spectrum of challenging situations depending on who you are, one thing will be constant – they exist for everybody. I’m partly in such a situation at the minute, and so are many people around me – going through some good old change that is making some pretty big life changing situations for people. So it got me thinking – when you’re faced with such highly emotional and unknown situations, what can get you through? For some it will be a sympathetic ear or maybe completely closing down into yourself. For me, I’ve had a particular question (of course) racing through my head to get me through that I’m keen to share with you...’what is important to me?’

As I sit typing this, my tummy is throwing some interesting shapes as my growing little one finds exciting ways to flex their arms and legs, which essentially gives me my answer very simply to that question – my little family are what are important to me. Right now, it’s helping me keep a check on my irrational thoughts of things outside of my control, and I’m grateful I’ve got a way of getting a grip!

So, the next time you’re faced with what feels like an impossible decision to make, uncertainty or something making you feel uncomfortable, try asking yourself – what’s important to me? Your answer should lead you at least in a direction and help get some clarity and perspective on what you’re facing.

Happy answering x